I help Private Equity and Venture Capital firms:

  • Vet the Digital Marketing risks and opportunities associated with potential acquisitions and investments.

  • Scale Digital Marketing best practices across portfolio companies through hands on training and consulting. 


The Opportunity

You’re considering acquiring or investing in a company, but need to evaluate the potential opportunity. 

Fortunately, you’re familiar with this process. You'll review their pitch deck and assess the market size, team, and traction


The Challenge

Then, they start harping on how big their Social Media following is. Great, they already have a built-in audience of engaged customers.

Or do they?

The truth is, Social Media followers aren’t necessarily customers, or even prospects. I buy Levi’s all the time, I don’t follow any of their Social profiles.

They might also talk about how great their Search Engine Optimization strategy is, and the number of backlinks they have coming to their site.

Wait, what’s a backlink?

Some of this information can sound great and confusing at the same time.


The Solution

That’s why you need a Digital Marketing expert on your roster. I’ll demystify the jargon, and help you focus on what really matters. - the inherent risks and opportunities involved with this deal, from a Digital Marketing perspective.

For example:

  • What percent of their Social Media audience buys their products, or even visits their website.
  • The value of their Search Engine Optimization efforts, and any red flags that might result in a Google penalty.
  • Their adoption of overall Digital Marketing best practices, and potential staffing needs.


Moving Forward

Once acquired, I'm available to help scale best practices across your portfolio companies, and offer unique guidance for specific brands. 


About me

I’ve been in the Digital Marketing industry since 2007. This includes client facing roles at both Adobe and Facebook. Today, I stay busy consulting agencies and internal marketing teams. I’m also a Digital Marketing instructor at NYU. I like what I do because even though Digital Marketing is a constantly changing industry, I’m able to back up my opinions and recommendations with quantitative data. 

That’s the value I bring to the vetting process.


My experience includes roles at these organizations.

My experience includes roles at these organizations.

Curious to see the output? Take a look at some examples of what I can create on your behalf. 

Sample Digital Marketing Audit


The Process

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