Facebook & Instagram Marketing Audits

I’ll review your Facebook & Instagram Marketing campaigns, then pass along tactic-level optimization recommendations.


You understand Facebook marketing, but also know there’s room for improvement. The challenge is, you’re not always sure how to improve your campaigns. 

Perhaps your Cost Per Acquisition is way too high. Should you change the ads, or the audiences?

Or, maybe the thought of setting up Pivot Tables in Excel makes you want to pivot back home.

One of the main advantages of Digital Marketing is the vast amount of data available. But, that data isn’t going to analyze itself, or tell you want to do next.

That’s where I come in. I uncover insights from your data, and recommend actions based on your campaign goals.


My experience makes the difference

I previously worked at Facebook as a Client Solutions Manager. In that role, I partnered with emerging and enterprise level organizations to help them monetize their use of Facebook ads.  I'm also a Facebook Certified Advertising Professional. So, it’s safe to say I’m a platform expert.


However, I also worked as an account manager while I was at Adobe. I know what it’s like when you’re juggling multiple projects and have aspirations of being able to eat lunch away from your desk one of these days. That’s why my recommendations are extremely specific and organized by overall business impact.

There may be 10 things you should do to optimize your account, I’ll provide details on all of them, but I’ll emphasize the 3 you need to focus on this week.

I know Facebook Marketing can be challenging, but if you have the determination, I can guide you through the process. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is helping people finally ‘get it’, so they can apply their business knowledge to creating profitable campaigns.

Beyond that, I understand data is a proxy for people. If your click-through-rate is very high, but your conversion rate is very low, there may be a problem with your website UX. At this point, it’s not a Facebook challenge, but I’ll use my overall Digital Marketing experience to point you in the right direction.


My experience includes roles at these organizations.

My experience includes roles at these organizations.

Staying current on platform updates is my job

As you’ve realized by now, the Facebook ad platform is constantly being updated. Fortunately, the majority of these changes are beneficial, so long as you understand how to use them. One of my favorites is the Automated Rules tool, which will proactively alert you if your campaigns are performing outside of your desired efficiency level.

You may be so busy working on your account that you miss some of these a critical product updates.

 "Wait, where did that button come from?"

Again, that’s where I come in. Every week, I set aside time to read Facebook and industry related updates. I know you get these emails too, but it’s often hard to discover the signal through the noise. I’ll only pass along updates that are applicable to you, or your business.

Here's what people are saying:

“Terry has a knack for pulling valuable information out of data, and delivering recommendations in a way that actually makes sense to people who don’t crunch numbers all day. He helped improve our Facebook and Instagram campaign efficiency by identifying advanced targeting opportunities and refining our Content Strategy.”
Lindsay Freeman
Head of Digital


The Process

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