Hands on Facebook Training, Without the Commute.


Facebook Marketing has revolutionized the way businesses reach prospects and customers online. With the average US consumer spending 50 minutes per day on Facebook, it's certainly the go to platform for digital marketing success.  However, there is an understandable amount of confusion on how to best take advantage of this opportunity.

In this hands-on workshop, I'll provide in-depth training on how to monetize the Facebook platform, and gain value beyond a 'Like'.

What will this workshop cover?

  • Creating objective based Facebook campaigns that are aligned with your business goals
  • Advanced targeting techniques – including Custom & Lookalike Audiences - allowing you to accurately reach your desired audience
  • Leveraging the Facebook Pixel for retargeting and conversion tracking
  • Best practices for ad copy and placement on Facebook and Instagram
  • Determining the right budget based on your audience and product/service
  • Optimization strategies that help you refine and scale your marketing campaigns, allowing you to reach more high value prospects at a cost aligned with your overall goals
  • Creating Automated Rules, a new feature that allows you to automate the maintenance of campaigns based on your Key Performance Indicators
  • Examples of campaign strategies, and a walk-through detailing how to implement them
  • Q&A with input specific to your unique use case


How does it all work?

This activity based class will be held remotely using Zoom for screenshare and chatting. You’ll get hands on experience as you learn, and you’ll interact with your fellow classmates as well. This is not a boring webinar where you’ll be on mute the entire timeand we'll conclude with an open Q&A session. 

After, you'll receive a copy of the deck and a recorded version of the class. Beyond that, I'll also pass along a supplemental document which includes detailed How To Guides, as well as links to valuable resources.


What do I need?

  • Access to a Facebook Ad Account
  • A quiet place to work with a strong internet connection

Is this free?


Ok, how much?

As this is a pilot class, I'm offering it for $150.

You can also purchase a recorded version for $50, which won't feature other attendees.

Cool, when is it?

You can sign up using the form below. Once confirmed, I'll send you information on how to submit a payment via credit or debit card. Each session goes from 10am - 5pm EST.

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