Along with great reviews, Check-Ins are one of the most sought after digital metrics a brick and mortar location can hope for. This is obviously great exposure for a business since these customer's friends can see their check-in on their News Feed, as well as on the businesses page. There are a few basic way to encourage check-ins such as posting signage and offering exclusive discounts. However, there is another solution that provides an even greater utility value to customers who check-in, free Wi-Fi. The solution, Facebook Wi-Fi.

With Facebook Wi-Fi customers can connect to your Wi-Fi network for so long as they check-in to your location. Additionally, they can even opt in to being automatically checked in every time they visit your location. This presents a huge opportunity for locations that have repeat customers such as coffee shops, restaurants, and fitness centers. As I mentioned previously, we all know somebody who has to let the world know every time they're at the gym. 

Setting up Facebook WiFi is actually super easy. You'll just need to make sure your Business Page has a valid location, and you're using one of 7 very popular routers. Here's a link from the Facebook Help Center that goes a bit deeper. While free Wi-Fi is a great feature to offer your customers, it can have it's drawbacks. For example, a restaurant owner may end up turning away additional business because current customers are lingering a bit too long. To avoid this, you may want to consider automatically setting a time limit on how long visitors can maintain access your Wi-Fi. You'll also cut down on neighbors who try to constantly use your Wi-Fi, even when they aren't in your establishment. Or, you can just block them from your page. 



I'm sure that 'Check in Here' sign on the door is doing all it can, but if you want more check-ins, you may need to kick it up a notch with Facebook Wi-Fi.