Facebook Training, and Ongoing Support.


Facebook Marketing has revolutionized the way businesses reach prospects and customers online. With the average US consumer spending 50 minutes per day on Facebook, it's certainly the go to platform for digital marketing success.  However, there is an understandable amount of confusion on how to best take advantage of this opportunity.

We provide in depth training on how to monetize your use of the Facebook platform, and gain value beyond a 'Like'. This hand-on training is provided by a former Facebook employee, and is customized to your unique needs. Training takes place on-site or via teleconference, ongoing support is also available. 


What will you learn?

  • How to create compelling ads from your Facebook page, as well as Ads Manager & Power Editor
  • Advanced targeting techniques, allowing you to accurately reach your desired audience
  • Best practices for building reports which accurately identify your key performance metrics, and quantify the impact of your budget
  • Optimization strategies that help you refine and scale your marketing campaigns, allowing you to reach more high value prospects at a cost aligned with your overall goals

Group discounts are available, and training will be tailored to your unique business goals. 


How's it all work?

Prior to any engagement, we'll have a discovery call in order to fully understand your business goals and desired outcome from our services. From there our job is to thoroughly research your competitors and industry in order to create a training and consulting program. This also allows us to present unique strategies and best practices, in addition to general 'how to' training.


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