Disruptive companies need to use disruptive marketing techniques to reach the right market, and help them grow fast. The same creativity that went into the concept of your product will also need to be applied to your marketing activities. For Business to Consumer products, Lifestyle Marketing is the key to reaching an audience that didn’t know they wanted your product or service, until you made them aware of it.

Let’s say you’re one of the first companies to start selling Drones to consumers. Nobody is going to Google “I want my own UFO”, and give you an opportunity to serve them with an ad. However, with Facebook, you can target people with traits indicative of someone who would want to purchase a Drone based on their interests and behaviors.

For example:


  • Radio-controlled aircraft
  • Radio-controlled helicopter
  • Radio-controlled car


  • Technology early adopter
  • Gadget enthusiast

Now, let’s say this drone isn’t overly easy on your wallet, we can also add income to prequalify audience members ability to actually purchase your product.

While honing in on such a targeted audience will decrease your overall reach, you’ll optimize your budget by getting in front of people that are more likely to convert. Once you have these conversions coming in, you can create Lookalike Audiences to find individuals who are very similar to your customers. This will help you reach even more people, while still avoiding the wasted spend associated with mass marketing.

The same approach can be applied to services as well. For example, you have an app that helps people find open Wi-Fi spots in their area. You can choose to target individuals who work from home, but are entrepreneurs and/or work at startup companies. These people will often need Wi-Fi when working in the field, and would greatly benefit from your app.  They just need to know you’ve already solved their problem.

Lastly, it’s beneficial to invite participation. Include a free 30 day trial or ‘Request a demo’ option. You can also build Lookalike Audiences from those who respond.

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