Digital Marketing Campaign Planning & Optimization Workshop

This hands-on workshop will teach you how to plan, measure, and optimize your campaigns.

If you're involved with any business that manages or utilizes Digital Marketing, you hear a lot of buzz about ROAS, CPA, and other cool acronyms. Maybe that's all familiar to you, maybe you hate math so much you're just looking forward to that part of the conversation to be over.

"Can we talk about creative?"

Either way, you know improving campaign performance is always top of mind. That's where Campaign Optimization comes in. By definition, Campaign Optimization is the process of improving marketing efforts in order to maximize business outcomes.

Translation: Do stuff better.

While it is a commonly used term, the actual process varies quite a bit depending on the goals and the marketing channels involved. Beyond that, it's often mentioned as a footnote after learning how to use a platform. 

This workshop-style class teaches best practice approaches to planning, measuring and optimizing marketing campaign outcomes. We will take a granular approach to discovering how to optimize campaigns using platform-specific insights, Google Analytics, and MS Excel.

You'll get hands-on experience solving common business questions such as:

  • Given our current budget, how can we increase the number of conversions?
  • When should we consider changing our creative?
  • How much can we increase our budget, and still be efficient? 

Beyond that, I'll provide sample data so it's easier for everyone to follow along.

However, you don't have to be a math whiz for this all to make sense. We're optimizing campaigns, not trying to land someone on Mars. 


  • The ability to define Digital Marketing campaign goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of success
  • An understanding of how to access and manipulate data on a platform-specific level
  • The capacity to determine the most efficient use of advertising dollars/efforts based on predefined goals
  • Discover how to implement A/B testing and measure statistical significance
  • Create a framework for ongoing campaign audits

Prereqs & Preparation:

This class involves a few very basic Excel functions. While not required, it would be beneficial to familiarize yourself with them before class, I'll provide links to tutorials. 



Where and When:

Online: Friday, March 2nd from 10am-4pm EST via Zoom and Slack.


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