I’m a huge fan of the reach and targeting available via Facebook Marketing. In my opinion, once you get familiar with the platform, you won’t get a better ROI anywhere else.  However, getting familiar with the platform can be a bit of a challenge. Facebook’s native campaign management systems, Ads Manager and Power Editor, have a bit of learning curve involved.  Even after you master using these systems, you’ll still have challenges properly managing and measuring your campaigns.  

When creating Facebook campaigns, testing out different audiences and creative is always a best practice. For example, you’ll want to determine which image gets the highest click through rate, or what demographic has the lowest cost per acquisition. In order to do so, you’ll need to create several variations of your ads. While this is possible in both Ads Manager and Power Editor, it’s much easier if you use a Facebook Marketing partner such as AdEspresso.  Again, this is my opinion, but I feel AdEspresso is the easiest online tool to manage and optimize your Facebook Marketing campaigns. With this tool, you’ll be able to test various Facebook ads at the click of a button, view real time performance, and optimize them for success once they start running. 

I constantly use Excel to model out campaign performance, but AdEspresso does a lot of the heavy lifting for me with their dashboards. I can then export this to Excel and make any other tweaks I’d like. 

Beyond that, the automatic optimization is a big time saver. However, you can still determine benchmarks for these optimizations, and review any changes made.